Sunday, April 25, 2010

Perfectly in love

I was the smiling little girl everything went easy for the audiences’ eyes
tears never came out of my eyes…pain never showed in my face
But the back stage was dark, shadows roamed here and there..
No one saw me crying into the curtains all worn out…

On a one holy month they gave me a new chapter
I was the heroine and u were the prince charming
Sun started to shine so the days become brighter
true smiles drew in my face despite the make up

never realized how lonely I felt till you came along
never thought that I’d fall everyday so deeply
but now I know how greedy I am for ur touch
oh now I know that heaven is inside your arms

True it’s the beginning of our first episode
my fingers are carving to get hold of the full script
where mirrors will break down and shadows will still dwell
but I’ll be alright ‘cause I have you here with me

Audience may cheer they may cry they may get bored..
but all that matters to me now is that
I live, I smile and I love, this is the story of our lives
where we write every dialogue and we mean every moment

here we are just anther two imperfect lovers
but unlike any other perfectly in love.

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