Sunday, February 14, 2010

Been with you and I’ll be with you

I can’t remember how u ran around
with ur tiny feet
and letting me to chase
I can’t remember how ur tiny fingers touched my face
and smiled at me
with your sparkling little eyes
I can’t remember hearing ur little voice
calling for my name
I can’t remember those sweet days
for I wasn’t there with u……

Yet he couldn’t keep us apart..he who stole the ones I loved
no more could see my sorrows..
‘coz u came along.. bit late..but never too late
So here we are..
Fighting for slightest things but forgotten end of the day..
Sharing our sorrows and laughter like two best friends..
Laughing at the way fate plays with our hearts yet challenging it..

So here I say..
Thanks for the moments you gave me
for the seconds you have been with me..
Been with you and I’ll be with you
forever: holding the light
to show u the way..
‘coz when u talk I hear that voice
‘coz when u smile I see that face
of my little brother..

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