Monday, February 15, 2010

Potion of love

I took the goblet from his hand
Filled it with blood of my own
two spoons of sorrows
cup of happiness
one drop of tear
a cauldron full of blood….
of his own,
willingly given.

I stirred till the cauldron cries
filled it to the goblet
took a sip…

there goes the fire down
the sensation…
the temptation…

Oh at last
I took the potion of love!

Dancing with triumph…flying in madness
my lips were calling for his name

“where are you my love…?
Look I took the potion…
now I feel ur love…”

Through the tears of my glory
I saw the soul of my love…
leaving the cold body at my feet…
in a river of his own blood
Shed for my name…

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